Let’s get you into a Stockwell

We are always looking for new products to delight our customers across all of our different verticals. That could be residential buildings, offices, schools, gyms and more. If you have an amazing product and are interested in working with us, we’d love to hear from you!

How to become a supplier

A couple things to keep in mind. For all Stockwell product submissions, we’ve got to see if your product physically fits in our smart stores, and if they are in line with national labeling guidelines.

Product size

Products cannot be any taller than 11 inches to fit into a Stockwell. But we have to consider depth and width as well, since space in our smart stores is at a premium. 

Product labeling

Your product needs to be in line with the guidelines to ride. Make sure they meet the standards set by the Federal Trade Commission’s Fair Packaging and Labeling Act as well as the Food and Drug Administration’s requirements.

These product label requirements include but are not limited to:


A statement identifying what the product is


The name and place of business of the manufacturer, packer or distributor


The net quantity of contents in terms of weight, measure, or numerical count 
(both metric and inch/pound units)


Ingredients List (where applicable)


Nutrition Labeling (where applicable)


Country of Origin (if product is of foreign origin)

That’s just something to get you started, but check out these links to FDA and FTC pages.

Meet the requirements?
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