Rethinking retail is our mission.

What we stand for.

All needs are not created equal. At Stockwell, we’ve set out to rethink retail with a simple goal in mind – to help people by adapting to their needs. We believe that each community where people work, live, and play, have needs that evolve and differ. Because you need more than just Gatorade™ at the gym and Cheetos® at work.

That’s why we place stores right where you are and stock ‘em up with goodies that reflect and enhance the experience of being in your space. We’ve built our Stockwells with sleek design and tech in mind, and gave them the smarts to figure out what each community really needs by learning from customer behavior. All in a seamless, frictionless, wallet-less shopping experience.

We were founded in Oakland, California, in 2016 and have since expanded beyond the Bay Area to include Houston, Chicago, and Los Angeles.


Paul McDonald

Co-Founder and CEO

Paul is an avid fan of technology and building products and teams that help people push themselves to be great. He also has an unusual fascination with food – specifically snacks. It's no wonder his path eventually led him to become an entrepreneur, creating a company focused on combining retail with cutting-edge technology. Prior to Stockwell, Paul spent 12 years at Google and also found time to start a CPG company on the side. He led a variety of teams across consumer, commerce, advertising, and cloud computing products including Gmail, Google Checkout, and Google App Engine. He is passionate about design, UX, and building connected, empowered teams for growth. Outside of work he is a lucky husband, father of three, basketball lover, and die-hard Detroit Lions fan.

Ashwath Rajan

Co-Founder, President, and CTO

Ash is passionate about using technology to augment human decision-making. This has led him to research nanoparticles to help doctors detect cancer, build smart-grid systems to reduce electricity use in Manhattan skyscrapers, and craft testing and trading algorithms at a quant hedge fund. He spent two years at Google mixing machine learning and product management before meeting Paul and leaving to start Stockwell. Ash has a BS in Biomedical Engineering from USC and an MS in Computer Science from Columbia University. When he’s not building things, he trades his laptop for an alto saxophone and standing desk for a yoga mat.

Meet our leadership team.

Jeannie Chun

Head of People Operations

Steve Buchanan

Head of Finance

Nick Heustis

Head of Marketing

Tyler Garvin

Head of Operations

Jacob Greenberg

Head of Engineering

Jeanine Silberblatt

Head of Retail

John Skidgel

Head of Design

Kelli Sousa

Head of Sales

John Unkovic

Head of Hardware

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